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(Some) Previously TalentLettered

Laura Hoffmann (TL226) joined Gorillas as COO France
Cyprien Falque (TL54) joined ManoMano as Customer Activation & Retention Manager
Marine Cassagnes (TL63) joined Side as Head of Operations
Karla Lukic (TL66) joined Unilend as Product Manager
David Huot (TL62) joined Boxtal as CFO
Nitsan Seniak (TL74) joined TrustBK as CTO
Edouard de la Jonquière (TL53) joined Brand and Celebrities as CMO
Laëtitia Wamanisa (TL19) joined Back Market as Head of HR
Katia Handschuh (TL54) joined Dayuse as Corporate Sales Manager
Anne Perianen (TL56) joined PayinTech as Business Development Manager
Christelle Callico (TL58) joined Younited Credit as Product Manager
Stephen Bauer (TL36) joined Snips as VP Sales & Business Development
Anne-Gaëlle Demond (TL56) joined Papernest as Head of Strategy & Supplier Partnership
Henri de Lorgeril (TL46) joined Oyst as Head of Sales
Thomas Sales (TL45) joined Finalcad as VP Product Marketing
Alban de Préville (TL41) joined Frichti as Growth Hacker
Philippe du Payrat (TL49) joined LaRucheQuiDitOui as France Manager
Christophe Chol (TL47) joined Deepki as Business Development Manager
Xavier Bruhiere (TL40) joined Kpler as Senior Data Engineer
Timothée Poulain (TL38) joined Kactus as COO
Charles Marchais (TL38) joined Gympass as Head of Corporate
Scott Lee (TL45) joined LABOTÉ as COO
Jean-Marc Marty (TL32) joined MindLytix as Senior Data Scientist
Laëtitia De Chabot (TL22) joined Hopwork as Key Account Manager
Fabrice Robini (TL40) joined Aircall as VP Engineering
Victoire Mulliez (TL42) joined iBanFirst as Corporate Sales
Thomas Bertier (TL44) joined Storefront as Head of Finance
Zoé Goldschmidt (TL29) joined WTTJ as Customer Experience Manager
Donatien Mazard (TL32) joined Product Live as Finance Manager
Frédéric Menou (TL17) joined FretLink as CTO
Maxime Cadin (TL25) joined Convargo as Business Development Manager
Tanguy de Labrouhe (TL28) joined Frichti as Growth Hacker
Xavier Thomas (TL33) joined Google as Cloud Platform Business Manager
Elise Dechaux (TL26) joined Doctolib as HR Operation Manager
Mathieu Péré (TL21) joined SlimPay as Sales Key Account Manager
Jean Lecompte (TL07) joined Younited Credit as Chief Operations Officer
Apolline Loison (TL15) joined Talent.io as Talent Acquisition Associate
Sophie Agosta (TL14) joined 360 Learning as Corporate Sales Manager
Louis-Hubert d'Harambure (TL14) joined Doctolib as Key Account Deployment Associate
Victoria Dorgnon-Lambert (TL06) joined ManoMano as Community Product Manager
Quentin Navellou (TL01) joined TheFork as Global Head of non-media buying acquisition channels
Pierre-Antoine Giraux (TL01) joined Stuart as Global Head of Performance Marketing

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